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    Kas Australia

    Embroidered oasis duvet cover set

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    Citrus Punch

    This summer's signature cocktail? A blend of fresh, exotic flavours! Bright fruits and flowers come together to quench your thirst and offer you a wonderful dose of energy.

    Simons Maison Exclusive

    Tropical bouquet duvet cover set

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    Tropical bouquet duvet cover set by Simons Maison

    Our Summer Favourites

    Their sought-after designs and vibrant hues invigorate
    our decor like a soft, refreshing breeze.

    Linen Duvet Cover

    We can't decide what we love best: its rich weave, or its divinely soft sateen underside.

    Fishing Net Throw

    Its chunky, nautical-inspired knit invites us to set the sails... and to unwind!

    Juicy Peach Cushion

    Ripe, delectable fruits create a flavourful atmosphere.

    Rainbow-Coloured Tablecloth

    A cocktail of bright colours on a 100% cotton weave to celebrate the warm weather.

    Soft Medallion Planter

    A beautiful message designed in our studios encourages us to spread love and kindness.

    Simons Maison Exclusive

    Fishing net throw

    Simons Maison

    Juicy peach cushion

    Simons Maison Exclusive

    Rainbow-coloured woven cotton tablecloth

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    Monochrome Linen Duvet Cover Set by Vandyck at Simons Maison
    Fishing Net Throw Exclusively at Simons Maison
    Juicy Peach Cushion at Simons Maison
    Rainbow-Coloured Woven Cotton Tablecloth Exclusively at Simons Maison
    Pink Soft Medallion Planter Designed in our Studios Exclusively at Simons Maison
    simons maison exclusive

    Soft medallion planter

    Save 30%

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